Super Bowl 52: Picks, predictions for Eagles vs. Patriots

Many fans are eagerly awaiting Super Bowl LII on February 4th. The weekend is sure to have a lot of festive events and popular activities that keeps everyone entertained. Eagles vs Patriots will attract fans from all over the country for Super Bowl 52. The game is set to be held at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis. Both teams will have to travel to the location to see their favorite team play hard. Justin Timberlake is expected to deliver an unforgettable halftime show that everyone will enjoy. There are legions of fans waiting to see Super Bowl LII at the opening kickoff time.

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Super Bowl 52

Both teams have reasons to be excited about the upcoming Super Bowl 52. Eagles vs Patriots promises to be an unforgettable match up that everyone wants to see. These two teams met once before in Super Bowl XXXIX and thrilled many viewers along the way. Tom Brady starred as the Patriots QB and defeated the Eagles led by Donovan McNabb at QB. That was the start of stardom for Tom Brady in the NFL too. He would go on to make many more appearances in the Super Bowl itself. The franchise has certainly shown its appreciation for his legacy with the team over time.

Super Bowl LII will bring back both teams in the world’s biggest game. The Eagles have never won a Super Bowl since the inception of the game. Their franchise has a proud and long history in the league. But they have often been overshadowed by some of the more successful teams out there. Now the Eagles hope to add a Super Bowl trophy of their own to the case. That could give them bragging rights and a newfound identity. Their team is ready to lead the way and surprise many fans. The Eagles are the underdog team, but they do stand a chance of their own.

Earlier in the year, the Eagles saw their starting QB go down with an injury. Now Nick Foles has come off the bench to fill in for that role. He has been impressive in many games along the way. Notably, Nick Foles threw for 3 touchdowns against the Vikings in the NFC championship game. That was accompanied by 352 passing yards with the offense. He is certain to be the starting QB in the Eagles vs Patriots game. But he has plenty of offensive weapons at his disposal too. That explains why the Eagles have looked so dominant in some of their opening games.

Watch to see how some of the team players contribute during the game too. The Eagles landed RB LeGarette Blount during the off season. He has been a consistent asset to the Eagles over the course of the past few games. He averages 4.4 rushing yards per carry during the year. The RB has also scored a few rushing touchdowns along the way. Ironically, the RB actually won a Super Bowl with the Patriots last year. That makes him an interesting factor in his own right for Super Bowl XII.

The Patriots are making a solid case for a dynasty in recent games. They are coming off of an impressive victory in Super Bowl LI too. In that game, they came from behind to defeat the Atlanta Falcons. The Patriots are now hoping to add another Super Bowl victory to their resume. The franchise has now won 5 Super Bowls during their own history. That rivals some legendary teams, including the Pittsburgh Steelers and Dallas Cowboys. But the team has room to grow and wants to win a sixth Super Bowl trophy. The Eagles vs Patriots game could be the perfect opportunity for them to do just that.

Their quarterback is Tom Brady and he is making a hall of fame case for himself. Tom Brady has now won 5 super bowl victories on his own. His legacy is marred by the two losses suffered to the Giants. But the franchise rebounded and managed to win a couple more Super Bowls. That is sure to wow anyone who is catching up on their history too. A legion of fans are sure to be in attendance for the game. They want to see whether QB Tom Brady is worth his mettle. He recently helped his team overcome a deficit to the Jaguars and advance to Super Bowl LII.

Head coach Bill Belichick is working to improve the performance of the Patriots on the field. Fans want to see the team make headway in to a new era of the NFL. They want to win convincingly and silence the critics of the Patriots. Deflate-gate and other controversies have marred the reputation of the Patriots. But they continue to win over fans with their consistent victories. The team wants to leave nothing to chance as they enter the game too. They can win a significant 6th trophy at Super Bowl LII.

There are other players that stand out for the Patriots. Tight End Rob Gronkowski has amazed fans with his incredible performance. People want to see what he can do if he stays in the starting lineup. The TE has been injured over the course of the past few games. But those injuries have subsided and he is expected to start. As such, odds are in favor of the winning Patriots going in to the game. Bettors are likely to side with the Patriots given the success that they have had. That could give them an inside advantage that many wouldn’t expect.

Super Bowl 52 is sure to be a big time event in its own right. Eagles vs Patriots will bring together legions of excited fans. Both teams have a strong legacy and people want to follow their example. Learn a little about the tradition that surrounds both teams in the game. Dedicated fans will be happy to explain why they chose their respective team. Patriots are waiting to show why they are a new dynasty. The Eagles are definitely hungry and want to prove their mettle. See how the action unfolds live in front of millions of people.

Super Bowl 2018: Kickoff time, how to watch on TV, stream

The Super Bowl 2018 New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles will clash on Sunday for the NFL’s richest prize: a Super Bowl crown. Super Bowl 52 will take place in Minnesota, and many analysts and parties believe the Patriots will walk with the sixth Super Bowl victory.

Odd Shark predicted New England would win the game 29.3-16.9. They also supported the Patriots with 4.5 points. The best for Super Bowl 52 is 48 (-105) and the best gold is 48.5 (-105).

Super bowl 2018

Super bowl 2018

The offensive game under New England’s Tom Brady leadership will score points, so Eagles will match it. Of course, Eagles’ defense must pressure Brady. But they can not trust their defenses to win this game. Eagles playmaker Nick Foles, who stepped into injured Carson Wentz, has to play flawless football and give him a chance. More

Super Bowl 2018

Kick-off 11.30pm GMT – 6.30pm ET.

Quick TV Guide

Sky Sports Action – 10pm GMT
Sky Sports Mix – 10pm GMT
Sky Sports Action – 10pm GMT
BBC One – 11.15pm GMT

NBC – 6.00pm ET
Updated: Sunday 4 February 2018

For Patriots, their game plan scores and Foles is to make them stand out. Philadelphia wants to run the ball to check the clock. Call New England to get rid of Philadelphia’s powerful hurried assault. Foles and Brady will play a big part in this.

The Philadelphia Eagles and the New England Patriots are at the US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis Sunday evening, heading into the Super Bowl’s 52nd – American Football show.

After winning a stunning victory against the Atlanta Hawks last year, the Patriots want to win backwards Super Bowls. At one point he stayed a quarter ahead to play New England 28-3, but only in the Allied quarter Tom Brady had to bring back a Super Bowl record to pass the fight. Eventually, 34-28 winners have left.

The Eagles won the NFC championship following the 38-7 lead in the Minnesota Vikings. Nick Foles, the franchisees switched to touching three times to take his team to the zafar in just a few months after losing Carson Wentz in the star quarter because of a serious knee injury. More